Samphi’s new item save data format

Technical - June 24, 2016


From 0.2x onwards, the way in which Samphi saves player item data is vastly different. I apologise about that, I tried to make it cross-compatible, but the new item needs more flexibility in how it stores data and the old system just can’t provide that. I’ve always been open about people editing their save files. … Continue reading Samphi’s new item save data format

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Early Access Update #5 – Update, Trading cards, and Multiplayer

Early Access Update - March 26, 2016


Hey, all! It’s Friday, in some places in the world still, so it’s time for the weekly update. Things have been so busy this week with the launch that there isn’t a whole bunch to tell, to be honest, but let’s get to it.

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Early Access Update #4 – First Patch, Update Schedule, Sub-Forums and Guides

Early Access Update - March 22, 2016


Phew. Launch weekend is over. It’s been crazy, especially since Desura has finally sunk. Great timing there lads! Well, since launch I’ve put a few things in place so we’ll go over them in this final update before we move to a fixed schedule.

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Early Access Update # 3 – It’s release day! Welcome to Samphi!

Early Access Update - March 18, 2016


I’ve mentioned some of the following points in previous articles, but hopefully there will be a bunch of new people to the game visiting now. I’ve been developing Samphi for roughly 5 years now …

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