Welcome to Samphi’s new home

Around 2 years ago I made a temporary site for Samphi. I posted a note on the bottom saying ‘Full Website Coming Soon’ … 2 years is soon, right? To the Universe it is. To the universe 2 years incredibly fast, so I done good! Anyway, incessant rambling aside Samphi has a new home, welcome! 🙂

Web design is always a very slow process for me. I’m a programmer, not a designer, so the process of me finding a design I like basically includes me fumbling around in the dark until I accidently create something I like the look of. I’ve always been keen for the website to reflect the game, so I’ve mimicked the in-game GUI to a certain extent so it hopefully feels familiar.

There are a number of pages of the site that are not yet turned on, such as maps and community. These require some systems to be built, so for now only the basic pages are live. With Samphi coming out March 18th, I needed to a web presence live. Speaking of March 18th, here’s a quick recap of Samphi. For a full breakdown check out the About page.

“Samphi is a randomly-generated, survival-RPG, featuring elements such as skills, world management and a story mode*. Travel through broken memories of a failing relationship to try and salvage what’s left. How you play is up to you. The world is yours. Your story is waiting.”

“The game will feature a full story mode*, online and offline free play, skills, RPG mechanics, and character progression. The game is entering Early Access on Steam on March 18th, and you can check out the Steam page here.”

My goal for Samphi is to create truly community driven game. Lots of people say this game is ‘community driven’ but I really want to embrace that. All suggestions will be addressed, and any content changes/additions will be polled with the players. If you don’t want it, it doesn’t go in. If you want to see something new, I’ll do it.

I’m really looking forward to starting the Samphi journey with you, and we’re approaching the final few weeks before that happens. So hello, welcome to Samphi. 🙂

Early Access Update # 1 – Early Access Release Approaches!

With Early Access around the corner it’s time to make the store page live and move my activity from the Greenlight page to the store page. Welcome to Samphi.

The store page gives a good description of the game so I won’t repeat myself here, let’s just get right into things.

The PR campaign for Samphi has started! That’s a terrifying thought because it means the game is absolutely coming out on the 18th of March! I first started working on Samphi ~4 years ago and would have never imagined it would be available through Steam, and now that’s only three weeks away!

If you like the look of the game you can help me out by spreading the word. 😀 Tell everyone!

To correspond with the release of Samphi I’m working on getting a new site built and live. The [url=www.samphi-game.co.uk]current site[/url] was intended to be a temporary place holder but has been around for ages! Development of the new site is going pretty good, and It’ll certainly be ready to launch.

Samphi has both downloadable maps, and the ability to use custom textures, and I’m unsure where to host these. Do I make a section on the website for them, or do I leave it totally to Steam Workshop. Any feedback on this would be appreciated, so let me know.

I covered this in my last update on the greenlight page, but it will do no harm to reiterate it here for the new audience. I use Trello to manage my Joblist on Samphi, and it’s public so anyone can see it. The goal is that once a community *hopefully* develops, you can vote on which jobs you’d like to see complete first, and even post suggestions there yourself.

My Trello board lives here, so if you have an interest in following Samphi’s development that’s a great way to see what’s currently happening with the game.

I’ve been making lots of resources lately for press releases and such, and extended my efforts to making myself a wallpaper. I’d like to make that available for people should they want it, so at the link below you’ll find a 1920 * 1080 Samphi wallpaper. Let me know if you like/use it!

Wallpaper Download

While I’m here I may as well take a second to promote the sale my book is in. I recently wrote Procedural Content Generation for C++ Game Development and its currently half-price in a game development sale Packt are running. If that’s your thing now’s the time to grab a copy. 🙂

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Until next time, ciao.