Early Access Update #19 – It’s all about farming

Update time guys and gals. Hope you have your tea ready, I do …

So it’s been a week since we moved to version 0.2x and things have gone pretty good so far. I’ve pushed out ~4 silent patches to fix issues, but I think it’s pretty stable! Quick update to show what I’m working on this week.

My usual release schedule is to push new builds to the beta branch, leave them there for a week to iron out any issues, then push to the stable branch. Since so much changed during the move to 0.2x however I’m going to leave it in the beta branch for another week.

I’ll take this opportunity to again stress that updating to 0.2x will mean you lose save data. I explained more about why this is in the last update, but just know I did everything I could to avoid it. Really sorry about that!

The cause of all this madness, chests are almost in the game. They work for the most part, just ironing out a few issues.

It’s about time too! Now that items have max stack sizes I find my inventory is always too full! I have a solution for that however!

So not many people may know this, I don’t recall mentioning it anywhere, but you can drop items. I don’t know how stable this feature is, I’m turning my attention to it this week for the first time in ages, but if you hold CTRL and release an item when dragging it you’ll drop it.

This should help stop inventories clogging up. I’m also looking to tweak the amount of items each stack can hold. There was a good suggestion last week to use a weight system, and I’m going to look at that, but for now if anyone has any concrete suggestions for an item then do let me know. 🙂

The focus of my next update is going to be farming. I think farming is going to play a big part in Samphi so it’s time to bulk it up a little. I have plans for new animals, crops, items, and enemies to overcome! For a quick start, I’ve created an alternate skin for the pig as I did with the sheep!

I’ve also got plans for potatoes, a scarecrow, crows and a wolf! More of these items will be shown as we get to them, but just know farming improvements are on the way.

The last thing I want to talk about is farming animals. There is an item in the game currently called a fence. It’s simply a fence post, and when you place a few in a row, they create a fenced area. If you then tether (right click an animal with rope selected) an animal, you can drag them to the pen. This system is really rough right now, and will possible cause crashes, so it’s also getting some TLC this coming week.

I really want people to be able to create large, sustainable worlds in Samphi, and as soon as that’s the case things like health and hunger will play a much great part of the game. Currently, there’s no penalty for going hungry, but soon you will have to build a farm, nurse animals, and generally develop a sustainable world.

Exciting things to come!

In one weeks’ time hopefully I’ll have more to show regarding farming! We’ll also get a new build pushed to the beta branch, and will move 0.2a to stable so we’re all ready on version 0.2x to move forward!

Thanks for reading this update, hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’ll leave you with a quick tip:

Did you know you can save the game by pressing CTRL-S just like most programs. If you do something awesome and want to save the game just hit that combo. The game also auto-saves every 5 minutes, and saves on exit!

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