Early Access Update #17 – We’re getting there …

Happy Friday amigos, it’s update time.

Bet you can’t guess what I’ve been working on this week … Bloody icon system. Things are actually going really well, but there’s nothing to show for it since it’s all engine work.

Instead of spending a while pulling together random images to justify an update I’m just going to leave this week very thin and get right back to work. After spending so much time on this system I figure the time’s better spent on actually coding! 🙂

So, quick sitrep from me this week then I’ll be off:

  • The core of the item system has been successfully re-written
  • All function surrounding items now need to be recreated
  • Items are currently function in the game at a basic level
  • The new system is much more flexible and allows the game to move forward

So that’s where things are at right now. 🙂 Going well!

A valid question at this point is, ‘Why mess with it in the first place?’.
Well, the item system has always been janky. Samphi started as just a fun project. The goal initially wasn’t to create a full commercial game, so whenever I wanted a feature I bodged it in.

I realise bodge is a British word, so here’s the definition according to Google!

That’s how much of Samphi was built; a mess of bodges. As the icon system grew I continued the bodge, adding features however possible, but it reaches the stage where to move forward you have to start again. You can only bodge so much! That’s why the re-write.

Hopefully I’ll have the items system to show; Get some screenshots of some double item stacks or something. Some form of graphical confirmation of the engine work that’s been done. I said in the last update that I had crops and a new animal planned, which I do, but just didn’t get round to them for this week. All focus is on items for the time being.

So, short update. 🙂 There’s only so many ways of saying I’m still working on items, but rest assured they’re coming along great; just slower than originally anticipated.

Have a great weekend all, and speak to you in 7 days!

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