Early Access Update #23 – v0.2c, The one with the potatoes

Happy Friday friends. It’s actually 1:30am here, so technically Saturday. I really need to work on my update schedule … Anyway, let’s get to it.

In the last update I showed a bunch of stuff with both animals and plants. There was more work than expected, so this update focused on the plants and crafting update, and all animal updates will come next-time.

In the last update I discussed a common problem with crafting and showed a mockup solution. Well, that mockup has now been coded and made its way into the game. The normal crafting menu now shows all items, but shows a prompt on those that require a crafting bin.

Here’s a quick gif showing this:

It’s much clearer, and should solve the issue. 🙂

To the bulk of the update, potatoes. Potatoes are in the game meaning we now have two crops! There’s a couple of stages to planting and growing potatoes, so here’s an overview of what they can do.

To start with you need a seed potato. This is a potato that has shoots coming off of it and is ready to plant. If you ever had a bag of potatoes in your cupboard for too long and find a potato with growths (eyes), plant that sucker!

I want seed potatoes to be somewhat uncommon. While gathered the same way as wheat seeds, they’re randomly dropped when digging dirt, they have a much lower spawn rate. Wheat is ~1 in 5, and seed potatoes are 1 in 100. If you have the gatherer skill unlocked that drops to 1 in 80.

Here’s what seed potatoes look like:

Planting and harvesting is just like wheat. Select the icon in your toolbar and right click above dirt to plant. The potatoes have three stages; seedlings, partially grown, fully grown, dead. If you hover over your plants, you’ll see their hydration bar. They need watering while in their middle stage otherwise they die.

Here’s all the 4 stages:

When fully grown, just left click and hold to harvest just like wheat!

Now that you’ve grown your lovely potatoes, there’s just one stage left before you can eat them. They need cooking. Simply drag your potatoes over a fire to cook baked potatoes:

*Apologies for the low quality! :(*

That’s potatoes! It’s been great putting another crop into the game, and carrots are next on my hitlist. Here’s a gif of the entire process to finish!

To end this update here’s a full changelog for v0.2 that just hit the beta channel:

  • Fixed an issue with crafting where you could craft empty items
  • Fixed issue where cursor didn’t change when digging stone
  • Stopped mouse wheel scrolling through hotbar when crafting
  • Updated crafting to make it clearer which items require a crafting
  • Added potatoes*
  • Fixed issue where the last inventory slot wasn’t working. There’s still an issue here. Samphi doesn’t know what to do when you run out of inventory space. I’m working on it!

*Here’s a breakdown of what what’s been added regarding potatoes:

  • Added seed potatoes that are a 1/100 drop from digging dirt
  • They can be planted and grown like wheat
  • When harvested they give potatoes
  • When used on a fire potatoes are cooked into baked potatoes

In the next update I’ll be turning my attention to the animals that I showed last update. There’s also a fairly large issue with inventory space that needs addressing. More on that next week!

Enjoy your weekend amigos, and once again, thanks for reading. Ciao! 🙂

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Early Access Update #22 – Back in the swing of things

You know what time it is. Grab your tea, or a cold drink if you’re in the UK (It’s bloody hot here for once), and park your buns. It’s update time.

The icon/item system has been so long in the making that I’d forgotten what it feels like to just be able to add stuff! This is the first week that that’s been the case and it’s been great. At the end of the last update, I said I’d work on wolves and a new crop and … I’ve done just that!

There’s some cool stuff coming next week, so let’s take a peak!

Before hitting some new art, let’s quickly talk about crafting. There’s always been the problem that it’s not clear that certain items can only be crafted via a crafting bench. In fact, all building materials can ONLY be built at a crafting bench and I’m on a mission to make that clearer. Here’s my current approach:

Instead of only showing building materials in the crafting bench, you can see them everywhere but there’s a small tooltip to let you know you need a crafting bench to craft it. This still isn’t perfect, in fact, I have plans to further develop the entire crafting system to make it better, but it should solve any crafting confusion in the time-being. Time permitting this will be ready for next week’s update.

Animals are coming! Wolves have been on the to-do list for a while, and while I was looking at animals I found a few old friends that never got implemented.

Starting with wolves, I’ll leave showing them in-game for next week’s update, but here’s a look at the lined up with the rest of Samphi’s animal friends:

Now, as cute as they are, wolves are the enemy. They will attack livestock around the level and it will be up to you and your trusty canine companion to keep them at bay. There will be mechanics surrounding this, like the more tired your pet the less effective they are etc. but they will come later.

While looking through Samphi’s animal sprites I found this creepy fella’.

I made this a while back. The art style is outdated so will be re-drawn at some point in the coming week, but we have a spider! They used to spawn at night time, but for some reason I removed them. I fail to remember why, but they’re coming back!

Now for something a little friendlier. Fish! The pools of water that spawn are feeling too barren, and when you fish you should be able to SEE fish. So here they are:

There are a few colorful fish available and they will spawn randomly. I planning for the different color to be purely aesthetic.

So those are the animals I’m working on. Hopefully, they will help make your worlds feel full of life! I have more livestock planned also, so this is just the start!

As well as wolves one of my other tasks was to add a new crop. I’ve been growing potatoes myself, so thought why not start there! Farming is one of the main skill tree in Samphi so will play a huge part in gameplay. Anyway, here’s the new potato plant showing all 4 stages:

Instead of grass always dropping wheat seeds, it will now randomly drop a variety. For now, it’s still just wheat and potato, but carrots are next on my list and will hopefully make the next update. It shall be a good farming update for sure!

It’s been a while since we spoke about web work, so time for a quick update. I have big plans for Samphi’s website. I want it to be the go to place if you play the game. Map sharing, forums, and a wiki are all on my to-do list, it’s just there isn’t much time to work on things!

Bit of an insight into my schedule, I work full-time Mon-Fri and work on Samphi on the evenings when home. Then on weekends I’m currently decorating my house and do web work on the evening. With only a few hours a week for web, you can see why progress is steady.

But hey, I did some work on the wiki last weekend! If you go to http://www.samphi-game.com/wiki/[item-name] you’ll see a work in program Wiki page for the item.

It’s a real mess right now, but the backend is working great. Time to make it prettier and populate with info.

It’s been a week since 0.2b hit the beta branch, and with one bug reported and fixed it’s time to move it to the stable branch. Have fun with it! Here’s last week’s update that contains the full changelog.

I’ll be finishing what I’ve shown here. It’s mostly just art for now, so now start the programming. God speed Mr. Frodo. Have a great weekend friends. See you again in 7 days. 🙂 Ciao.

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Early Access Update #6 – Release Schedule Update and Crafting Guide

It’s been a week since we last spoke. What have I been up to I hear you ask? …. Email.

So. Much. Email. I grossly underestimated how long it takes to deal with support emails and that kind of stuff. It’s cooling down now we’re 2 weeks into release, but it’s taken up quite a bit of time this week and that’s dug into how much time the game itself has received.

I have been working on stuff, though, so let’s get to it.

In an earlier update, I announced that along with these weekly updates I would publish my latest stable build. Well, as I’ve found out this week, it’s sometimes going to take more than a week to create a stable build! Let’s talk about namegate.

In last Fridays update, I made a small change to the names of two items. Turns out this made the game collapse and on looking at the code surrounding items it needs a LOT of work: essentially a complete re-write.

Now this isn’t a problem, it actually opens up custom items, and I have my plan and I’m well underway writing it, but it means that there is no stable build to publish this week. This will almost certainly happen again later down the line, so I’m going to move the game builds to fortnightly.

These updates will still come weekly, so you’ll always know what’s been worked on, but the actual game updates will come mostly every two weeks. Now I’m saying mostly so I cover my back in case anything like this happens again, but every two weeks should be enough to ensure there’s always a stable build with changes ready to publish.

My first guide for Samphi, crafting, is now live. It’s the first draft, so may have some rough edges and need some content refinements, but it’s live.

You can check it out here.

The next one I’m going to create is on custom textures I think as that should open up some fun screenshots and stuff as people show off their creations. Looking forward to that!

So this week I’ll be continuing with the big item update. To make the items flexible, as in I can easily change names, the system that looks after them needs some serious work. While I’m here I’m going to expose item information to a simple text file, so if you want to change the names of items and their descriptions you can do so easily.

This is a big job and will take up a lot of the dev time this week, so I’ll also try sneak in some smaller updates and get another guide out. It’s been a slow start for updates, but that’s the way it goes. 🙂 I had no idea the item code would need so much work but we’ll get this out the way then move forward. 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Ciao friends.

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