Early Access Update #18 – Hold onto your butts, 0.2a has landed

No, you’ve not read that wrong. Over a month since the last update, the item system re-write is complete and has been pushed out in 0.2a to the beta branch. We have a little bit to cover so get your cup of tea ready and sit back.

All updates over the last few weeks have documented the trials and tribulations of the item system re-write well, so I won’t cover it in much detail. The bottom line is Samphi now has a new item system that can deal with multiple item stacks. A seemingly small change on the surface, but massive in under-the-hood.

Given how much of the game changed for this, and how many possibilities it opens, I felt this was a good time to roll over to 0.2. Chests still aren’t in yet, they’re the whole reason we had to do this! but they will be next week. The game is now set up to accommodate them, I just didn’t have enough time to squeeze them into this update and we need to get testing ASAP.

Something I’m very aware of is the size of the item stacks. I think they may be too small, so I’m going to be looking for your feedback on this one. Have a play, and if you think an item should have a greater/lower stack size or stack/not stack altogether then let me know. Tweaking and getting these right will be a gradual and on-going process that starts today. 🙂

Another major thing 0.2 brings is partial language support for Italian, Spanish and Turkish. I say partial because it only effects items and their descriptions. UI text is soon to follow, however, so as we go forward this will get better and better.

I’d like to remind people that I’m always looking for translation volunteers, particularly Russian! If you’d like to help out drop me an email at greeny@greenygames.com.

I showed the new graphics in an update a while back, and they’re now in the game. For now, it’s just the settings and language menu, but I intend to roll this out to different parts of the game gradually. Please do let me know what you think!

Right, major systems explained, here’s everything that 0.2a is bringing to the table:

  • Fixed bug in menu with menu going behind terrain etc.
  • Fixed bug in settings menu where pressing ESC would leave windows behind
  • Implemented language menu in settings. Language effects item names and descriptions, more will come soon.
  • Added new art in new style in settings menu.
  • Implemented new item system. Samphi now supports multiple stacks of items and items now have max stack sizes. This means you’ll loose your items I’m afraid. 🙁 Sorry!!!!
  • The crafting system also got a big change-up, something along the lines of a 50% re-write. There’s still things I’d like to change here, but we can do them later and they’ll be MUCH less disruptive.Time for a warning. A massive portion of Samphi has been re-written here, so there WILL be issues. As usual, 0.2a will be pushed to the beta branch, and instead of keeping it there for one week, I think I’ll keep it there for 2. Make sure as many bugs are found as possible.

    Also, I’m really sorry about this, but your item data will be lost. 🙂 I tried everything to make that not the case, but this new system needed a more flexible saving system. I’ve always been open about Samphi save data. I don’t encrypt it or anything, I think that’s so stupid. If you want to give yourself 1,000,000 of an item, then be my guest.

    To try to soften the blow of the changeover, I’ve written an article that explains the new save data format. If you want to move your old item over, read that article and you’ll know how to add items to the save file.


    Now that this big update is out I’m going to spend a few days on web stuff. My website for Greeny Games has been down for weeks now, and the Samphi website is feeling derelict. I don’t post articles there yet so I want to spend some time there.

    The wiki system is going to be a big part of that also and I’d like to get it in a functioning early version very soon.

    Now that this is complete we can get back to adding content! I have chests and new crops on the list immediately, so let’s start there. I also have a cool idea for the main menu that I’d like to explore and want to continue moving the older graphics over to the new. This graphical changeover will take a while, so you’ll notice more and more changing as the updates roll through.

    Have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy 0.2! Great things are coming!

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Early Access Update #16 – v0.1e stable, more graphics and language menu

Update time friends, these come so fast!

Work is still focused on the time system re-write. Great progress has been made though! Not quite ready to show anything, 99% of it is under-the-hood, but we’re getting there. I do have a few things to show however!

Before we get started, something has been on my mind the last few updates, so let’s talk about it. Would you prefer weekly updates like this with less in them, or more substantial updates every 2 weeks? I like the frequency of weekly updates as we stay in touch more often, but I always feel like I don’t have enough to show.

Any feedback here would be really appreciated. 🙂

Right, onwards.

In the madness of working on v0.f I neglected the previous build and it’s been in the beta branch for the last few weeks. That’s now been moved to the stable branch, so you should get an update to Samphi tonight. Here’s a reminder of what that update brings:

  • Samphi is now compiled with Windows YYC, so we should see a speed increase! According to GM, YYC can ” increase your games performance by a hundred-fold”. Let me know how this goes.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where music was playing twice in the menu. I say hopefully because I could never recreate it, but I put something in place that should stop that ever happening.
  • Fixed a bug where feeding honeycomb to your dog would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where small items disappear in water and the ground.

In-between my coding jobs I’ve been continuing to move the graphics over to this newer style. I’m really loving it! The settings screen has been updated, and the inventory screen has. Here you can see them side by side:

What do you think? It’s a bit hard to make a judgment when the art is so isolated like this, but I love the new style and font. As you can see, the font of these updates has been moved over also! Feedback appreciated.

The last few updates have mentioned and showed some things to do with language, and a language menu has made its way into the game this week. In the main settings screen there’s a new ‘Language’ option that will show the following menu:

Really simple way to select a language. When the next update comes out this won’t likely be 100% plugged in. It will change the name and descriptions of the items, but probably nothing more. That consists of more work, and this update was already taken too long.

The next update … Who bloody knows. 😀 I’m bored of talking about icons, so I’m sure you’re bored of hearing about them.

I have a few new crops planned, and a new animal! Hopefully, will have some art for those to show. No doubt I’ll also move more UI over to the new style, so stuff there also. Depending on what you guys think about my first point on update frequency, this will either come next week or the week after. Please do let me know.

Just want to say thanks for your patience. I wish I could pump out updates to Samphi much faster that I am but it’s just not possible. I work full time and am a one-man-band. I love Samphi and am very excited for the path we’re on, we’re just traveling down it steadily for now. 🙂 But please know that increased update times is purely down to circumstance and the size of the updates, not any diminishing passion for the project.

I’ll work on Samphi indefinitely until it’s the game I have in my mind. We’re still right at the beginning of that journey. 🙂

Okay, rant over. Go enjoy your weekend, speak soon.

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