Early Access Update #20 – Last Minute Bugs, ARGH!

Update time friends. Pull up your chairs and get your tea ready.

First thing’s first, 0.2a has been moved to the beta branch. I’ve issued a couple of patched since launch and haven’t received any bug reports so things should be pretty stable.

So I’d really hoped I’d be releasing chests today with v0.2b but the game developing gods aren’t playing nice. Sat down to do my testing and turns out I’ve managed to not only break crafting but animal movement also. Your guess is as good as mine as to how.

Now I only need a day or 2 to fix it, but with this strict release schedule, it’ll have to wait until next Friday. If this keeps happening, we’ll look at a more flexible schedule.

A number of key art assets have been updated this past week which include building materials, crops, grass, a new pig alternate and more! It gives the game a different feel and the art is slowly moving towards my vision.
I’ll provide a full breakdown and review of assets and changes in next week’s update, but here’s a quick screenshot that encapsulated them all!

I think we’ll leave it at that. There’s no point covering this content twice, and a full update will be shown next week. Apologies for not having it ready, unexpected bugs are a pain. Do enjoy 0.2a and let me know if you find any bugs!

Well, all the stuff teased at in this small update will be here, including chests. All the content is in, there’s just bugs to iron out that I couldn’t get done it time for tonight. If you’ve followed these updates for a while I bet you’re bloody sick of hearing about chests. You and me both. 😀 They’re SOOO close. One more week friends and they’re in.

That’s all for now. Short and sweet until next time. Enjoy your weekend friends. 🙂

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