Early Access Update #16 – v0.1e stable, more graphics and language menu

Update time friends, these come so fast!

Work is still focused on the time system re-write. Great progress has been made though! Not quite ready to show anything, 99% of it is under-the-hood, but we’re getting there. I do have a few things to show however!

Before we get started, something has been on my mind the last few updates, so let’s talk about it. Would you prefer weekly updates like this with less in them, or more substantial updates every 2 weeks? I like the frequency of weekly updates as we stay in touch more often, but I always feel like I don’t have enough to show.

Any feedback here would be really appreciated. 🙂

Right, onwards.

In the madness of working on v0.f I neglected the previous build and it’s been in the beta branch for the last few weeks. That’s now been moved to the stable branch, so you should get an update to Samphi tonight. Here’s a reminder of what that update brings:

  • Samphi is now compiled with Windows YYC, so we should see a speed increase! According to GM, YYC can ” increase your games performance by a hundred-fold”. Let me know how this goes.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where music was playing twice in the menu. I say hopefully because I could never recreate it, but I put something in place that should stop that ever happening.
  • Fixed a bug where feeding honeycomb to your dog would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where small items disappear in water and the ground.

In-between my coding jobs I’ve been continuing to move the graphics over to this newer style. I’m really loving it! The settings screen has been updated, and the inventory screen has. Here you can see them side by side:

What do you think? It’s a bit hard to make a judgment when the art is so isolated like this, but I love the new style and font. As you can see, the font of these updates has been moved over also! Feedback appreciated.

The last few updates have mentioned and showed some things to do with language, and a language menu has made its way into the game this week. In the main settings screen there’s a new ‘Language’ option that will show the following menu:

Really simple way to select a language. When the next update comes out this won’t likely be 100% plugged in. It will change the name and descriptions of the items, but probably nothing more. That consists of more work, and this update was already taken too long.

The next update … Who bloody knows. 😀 I’m bored of talking about icons, so I’m sure you’re bored of hearing about them.

I have a few new crops planned, and a new animal! Hopefully, will have some art for those to show. No doubt I’ll also move more UI over to the new style, so stuff there also. Depending on what you guys think about my first point on update frequency, this will either come next week or the week after. Please do let me know.

Just want to say thanks for your patience. I wish I could pump out updates to Samphi much faster that I am but it’s just not possible. I work full time and am a one-man-band. I love Samphi and am very excited for the path we’re on, we’re just traveling down it steadily for now. 🙂 But please know that increased update times is purely down to circumstance and the size of the updates, not any diminishing passion for the project.

I’ll work on Samphi indefinitely until it’s the game I have in my mind. We’re still right at the beginning of that journey. 🙂

Okay, rant over. Go enjoy your weekend, speak soon.

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