Early Access Update #21 – Chests are here … No, really, they’re here

Update time, and this one’s a doozy. Get your tea, let’s get into it.

This week’s update sees v0.2b hit the beta branch and it brings with it a whole bunch of changes. Been pretty busy this week! Let’s get the full changelog posted and then I’ll run through it bit by bit.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Added chests
  • Major Sprite Updates (Redrawn)
    • Updated Wheat Sprite
    • Updated Dirt/Grass Sprite
    • Updated Backing Wall Sprite
    • Updated Bed Sprite
    • Updated Door Sprite
    • Added Pig Alternate Sprite
    • Added pickaxe cursor sprite
  • Minor Sprite Updates (Removed Black Outline)
    • Updated Torch Sprite
    • Updated Fire Sprite
    • Updated Kiln Sprite
    • Updated bench Sprite
  • Re-coded animal movement, they will now try to avoid water
  • Re-coded doors
  • Updated the following max stack value
    • Update default item stack from 20 to 40
    • Dirt Max Stack 20 > 60
    • Arrow Max Stack 40 > 80
    • Torch Max Stack 10 > 20
  • Fixed item drop, does not yet apply to all items
  • Fixed issues when planting trees and wheat
  • Fixed issue with bucket not emptying
  • Fixed lighting issue with the furnace
  • Fixed a bunch of little bugs

Lots of changes, most notably the fact that chests are finally here. Let’s take a look at that!

It feels anti-climactic after all the build-up, but it’s true, the legendary chests are in the game. Bit of backstory for those who are maybe newer to these updates, chests are the reasons Samphi needed a full item system re-write. It’s a pretty sweet moment to finally see them in the game.

Their operation is pretty standard, but just to clarify, chests and the items within them belong to the level, not the currently selected player. The chest and items within it will be shared between all characters that play in that level.

This update also sees a fair few art updates. I broke these down into 2 main categories, major and minor. A major update means I re-drew the sprite, and minor means I just altered it somehow. Instead of showing each individually and having pages of images, I created a scene that demonstrates them all in one go.

The animals in Samphi have always been pretty stupid. They’re still stupid, but hopefully a little less inclined to walk on the bottom of water. They’ve been re-coded so they should actively avoid water and deal with terrain better. The algorithm behind their movement and behavior is something that’s going to be constantly improved upon, so while it still isn’t perfect, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

The following gif show an animal taking avoiding action from the water!

Pretty simple update, and one that I’m open to feedback on, but while testing all this update’s changes I came across a few item stack sizes that I felt needed updating.

The bulk of the update was to change the default stack size from 20 to 40. This effects most items. There were some individual updates also that were as follows:

  • Dirt Max Stack 20 > 60
  • Arrow Max Stack 40 > 80
  • Torch Max Stack 10 > 20

Samphi has always had the ability to drop items, but it’s always been iffy. Now that there is max item stack, and inventory space is at a premium, I spent some time on this feature. When holding an item, hold CTRL when holding an item to drop it.

Items dropped in this way will stay on the ground for 3 minutes and then disappear. They are not saved like the rest of the level, so if you drop an important item then exit it will be lost. If y’all want this behavior changing I can do that.

There’s a few things on the changelog that haven’t been covered, and that’s because they were just small issues that I found and fixed along the way. Here they are:

• Re-coded doors
• Fixed issues when planting trees and wheat
• Fixed issue with bucket not emptying
• Fixed lighting issue with the furnace
• Fixed a bunch of little bugs

Nothing major, but every bug fixed is a step forward. 🙂

Well, that’s interesting because I’m now free. Work on chests started back in April, and for the first time it’s done and out the way. What we work on now is up to us! Back in the earlier updates I posted a list of things I wanted to complete. We haven’t looked at it in a while, so here’s where we are with it:

  • Adding Chests
  • Adding Iron
  • Adding Sheers
  • Adding Wolf
  • Adding New Crop

Going by that list, the next thing I’ll be working on are wolves and a new crop. I also have some other little things planned, but these will be the main ones! Oh, I also have an update planned that will help solve crafting confusion. Certain items require a crafting bench to create, but Samphi has always sucked at making that clear so that will be tackled next.

Thanks all for sticking through these last weeks. Progress has been slow as the item system took all my attention, but that’s done and chests are in. Onwards and upwards. Very happy with progress and look forward to getting stuck into some fresh work.

See you next week all, have a fantastic weekend. 🙂 Ciao.

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