Early Access Update #24 – Animal Are Coming!

Update time friends. I trust you have your tea? Only a few things to go at this week, so I shan’t keep you long. Haven’t had as much time as I’d have liked this week, but hey ho. Let’s get to it.

Since no-one has shouted at me over last week’s build yet (v0.2c), it’s now been moved to the stable channel. If you’d like a refresher on what it brings, check out last week’s update. Tl:dr – Potatoes and crafting system update.

Fish are here! The pools of water are no longer barren; they’ll have little fishes swimming around. Here’s what they look like:

Right now they’re purely aesthetic, but I have mechanics planned for them. With Samphi I’m striving for a world that you have to look after and nurture the world around you. If you fish all the fish in a lake, then there’s no left. How can you fish in an empty lake? More on that shortly.

Small update, sheep eat grass! Just as they potter around they’ll occasionally lean down and have a snack! It will break up the grass and add a bit of variety!

Again, this will likely be tied to SOME mechanic down the line, but for now it’s aesthetic. 🙂

A big bulk of the work to be done for the next update is with pigs, sheep and wolves. I want some form of enemy in the game, and we’re starting with wolves. They’re going to spawn at dawn/dusk and attack livestock. Obviously there’s a bit of code for this, so that’s not yet implemented. Their spawn cycles are, but the code to attack isn’t.

I’ve also mentioned before that I want the dog to play a part in this, and that will come later. You can control the dog by pressing Z, and at some point I want to either flesh this out so you can attack, or strip it for a command-based system.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but just know that I’m working on adding wolves right now and they’ll be a challenge to deal with!

I’ll try keep this short, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about with Samphi. I want our worlds to be a labor of love. I don’t want it to be particularly easy to survive for a long time. I don’t want there to be an infinite supply of food or animals. I want it so that if you’re lucky enough to find a potato seed you best cultivate that bad-boy because you might not find another!

If you kill all the sheep in your level that’s it, no more sheep. You’d have to capture two and breed them to create a sustainable farm. I want it to work more like that. This will be a gradual process as the game moves forward, but it’s something I’m definitely conscious of moving forward.

Animals! I’ll be continuing this work on animals. I also said that I’ll be adding some new UI stuff and that stands. More menus are being re-drawn in the new art style.

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend friends, and see you in 7 days! Ciao. 🙂

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Early Access Update #23 – v0.2c, The one with the potatoes

Happy Friday friends. It’s actually 1:30am here, so technically Saturday. I really need to work on my update schedule … Anyway, let’s get to it.

In the last update I showed a bunch of stuff with both animals and plants. There was more work than expected, so this update focused on the plants and crafting update, and all animal updates will come next-time.

In the last update I discussed a common problem with crafting and showed a mockup solution. Well, that mockup has now been coded and made its way into the game. The normal crafting menu now shows all items, but shows a prompt on those that require a crafting bin.

Here’s a quick gif showing this:

It’s much clearer, and should solve the issue. 🙂

To the bulk of the update, potatoes. Potatoes are in the game meaning we now have two crops! There’s a couple of stages to planting and growing potatoes, so here’s an overview of what they can do.

To start with you need a seed potato. This is a potato that has shoots coming off of it and is ready to plant. If you ever had a bag of potatoes in your cupboard for too long and find a potato with growths (eyes), plant that sucker!

I want seed potatoes to be somewhat uncommon. While gathered the same way as wheat seeds, they’re randomly dropped when digging dirt, they have a much lower spawn rate. Wheat is ~1 in 5, and seed potatoes are 1 in 100. If you have the gatherer skill unlocked that drops to 1 in 80.

Here’s what seed potatoes look like:

Planting and harvesting is just like wheat. Select the icon in your toolbar and right click above dirt to plant. The potatoes have three stages; seedlings, partially grown, fully grown, dead. If you hover over your plants, you’ll see their hydration bar. They need watering while in their middle stage otherwise they die.

Here’s all the 4 stages:

When fully grown, just left click and hold to harvest just like wheat!

Now that you’ve grown your lovely potatoes, there’s just one stage left before you can eat them. They need cooking. Simply drag your potatoes over a fire to cook baked potatoes:

*Apologies for the low quality! :(*

That’s potatoes! It’s been great putting another crop into the game, and carrots are next on my hitlist. Here’s a gif of the entire process to finish!

To end this update here’s a full changelog for v0.2 that just hit the beta channel:

  • Fixed an issue with crafting where you could craft empty items
  • Fixed issue where cursor didn’t change when digging stone
  • Stopped mouse wheel scrolling through hotbar when crafting
  • Updated crafting to make it clearer which items require a crafting
  • Added potatoes*
  • Fixed issue where the last inventory slot wasn’t working. There’s still an issue here. Samphi doesn’t know what to do when you run out of inventory space. I’m working on it!

*Here’s a breakdown of what what’s been added regarding potatoes:

  • Added seed potatoes that are a 1/100 drop from digging dirt
  • They can be planted and grown like wheat
  • When harvested they give potatoes
  • When used on a fire potatoes are cooked into baked potatoes

In the next update I’ll be turning my attention to the animals that I showed last update. There’s also a fairly large issue with inventory space that needs addressing. More on that next week!

Enjoy your weekend amigos, and once again, thanks for reading. Ciao! 🙂

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