Early Access Update #22 – Back in the swing of things

You know what time it is. Grab your tea, or a cold drink if you’re in the UK (It’s bloody hot here for once), and park your buns. It’s update time.

The icon/item system has been so long in the making that I’d forgotten what it feels like to just be able to add stuff! This is the first week that that’s been the case and it’s been great. At the end of the last update, I said I’d work on wolves and a new crop and … I’ve done just that!

There’s some cool stuff coming next week, so let’s take a peak!

Before hitting some new art, let’s quickly talk about crafting. There’s always been the problem that it’s not clear that certain items can only be crafted via a crafting bench. In fact, all building materials can ONLY be built at a crafting bench and I’m on a mission to make that clearer. Here’s my current approach:

Instead of only showing building materials in the crafting bench, you can see them everywhere but there’s a small tooltip to let you know you need a crafting bench to craft it. This still isn’t perfect, in fact, I have plans to further develop the entire crafting system to make it better, but it should solve any crafting confusion in the time-being. Time permitting this will be ready for next week’s update.

Animals are coming! Wolves have been on the to-do list for a while, and while I was looking at animals I found a few old friends that never got implemented.

Starting with wolves, I’ll leave showing them in-game for next week’s update, but here’s a look at the lined up with the rest of Samphi’s animal friends:

Now, as cute as they are, wolves are the enemy. They will attack livestock around the level and it will be up to you and your trusty canine companion to keep them at bay. There will be mechanics surrounding this, like the more tired your pet the less effective they are etc. but they will come later.

While looking through Samphi’s animal sprites I found this creepy fella’.

I made this a while back. The art style is outdated so will be re-drawn at some point in the coming week, but we have a spider! They used to spawn at night time, but for some reason I removed them. I fail to remember why, but they’re coming back!

Now for something a little friendlier. Fish! The pools of water that spawn are feeling too barren, and when you fish you should be able to SEE fish. So here they are:

There are a few colorful fish available and they will spawn randomly. I planning for the different color to be purely aesthetic.

So those are the animals I’m working on. Hopefully, they will help make your worlds feel full of life! I have more livestock planned also, so this is just the start!

As well as wolves one of my other tasks was to add a new crop. I’ve been growing potatoes myself, so thought why not start there! Farming is one of the main skill tree in Samphi so will play a huge part in gameplay. Anyway, here’s the new potato plant showing all 4 stages:

Instead of grass always dropping wheat seeds, it will now randomly drop a variety. For now, it’s still just wheat and potato, but carrots are next on my list and will hopefully make the next update. It shall be a good farming update for sure!

It’s been a while since we spoke about web work, so time for a quick update. I have big plans for Samphi’s website. I want it to be the go to place if you play the game. Map sharing, forums, and a wiki are all on my to-do list, it’s just there isn’t much time to work on things!

Bit of an insight into my schedule, I work full-time Mon-Fri and work on Samphi on the evenings when home. Then on weekends I’m currently decorating my house and do web work on the evening. With only a few hours a week for web, you can see why progress is steady.

But hey, I did some work on the wiki last weekend! If you go to http://www.samphi-game.com/wiki/[item-name] you’ll see a work in program Wiki page for the item.

It’s a real mess right now, but the backend is working great. Time to make it prettier and populate with info.

It’s been a week since 0.2b hit the beta branch, and with one bug reported and fixed it’s time to move it to the stable branch. Have fun with it! Here’s last week’s update that contains the full changelog.

I’ll be finishing what I’ve shown here. It’s mostly just art for now, so now start the programming. God speed Mr. Frodo. Have a great weekend friends. See you again in 7 days. 🙂 Ciao.

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Early Access Update #18 – Hold onto your butts, 0.2a has landed

No, you’ve not read that wrong. Over a month since the last update, the item system re-write is complete and has been pushed out in 0.2a to the beta branch. We have a little bit to cover so get your cup of tea ready and sit back.

All updates over the last few weeks have documented the trials and tribulations of the item system re-write well, so I won’t cover it in much detail. The bottom line is Samphi now has a new item system that can deal with multiple item stacks. A seemingly small change on the surface, but massive in under-the-hood.

Given how much of the game changed for this, and how many possibilities it opens, I felt this was a good time to roll over to 0.2. Chests still aren’t in yet, they’re the whole reason we had to do this! but they will be next week. The game is now set up to accommodate them, I just didn’t have enough time to squeeze them into this update and we need to get testing ASAP.

Something I’m very aware of is the size of the item stacks. I think they may be too small, so I’m going to be looking for your feedback on this one. Have a play, and if you think an item should have a greater/lower stack size or stack/not stack altogether then let me know. Tweaking and getting these right will be a gradual and on-going process that starts today. 🙂

Another major thing 0.2 brings is partial language support for Italian, Spanish and Turkish. I say partial because it only effects items and their descriptions. UI text is soon to follow, however, so as we go forward this will get better and better.

I’d like to remind people that I’m always looking for translation volunteers, particularly Russian! If you’d like to help out drop me an email at greeny@greenygames.com.

I showed the new graphics in an update a while back, and they’re now in the game. For now, it’s just the settings and language menu, but I intend to roll this out to different parts of the game gradually. Please do let me know what you think!

Right, major systems explained, here’s everything that 0.2a is bringing to the table:

  • Fixed bug in menu with menu going behind terrain etc.
  • Fixed bug in settings menu where pressing ESC would leave windows behind
  • Implemented language menu in settings. Language effects item names and descriptions, more will come soon.
  • Added new art in new style in settings menu.
  • Implemented new item system. Samphi now supports multiple stacks of items and items now have max stack sizes. This means you’ll loose your items I’m afraid. 🙁 Sorry!!!!
  • The crafting system also got a big change-up, something along the lines of a 50% re-write. There’s still things I’d like to change here, but we can do them later and they’ll be MUCH less disruptive.Time for a warning. A massive portion of Samphi has been re-written here, so there WILL be issues. As usual, 0.2a will be pushed to the beta branch, and instead of keeping it there for one week, I think I’ll keep it there for 2. Make sure as many bugs are found as possible.

    Also, I’m really sorry about this, but your item data will be lost. 🙂 I tried everything to make that not the case, but this new system needed a more flexible saving system. I’ve always been open about Samphi save data. I don’t encrypt it or anything, I think that’s so stupid. If you want to give yourself 1,000,000 of an item, then be my guest.

    To try to soften the blow of the changeover, I’ve written an article that explains the new save data format. If you want to move your old item over, read that article and you’ll know how to add items to the save file.


    Now that this big update is out I’m going to spend a few days on web stuff. My website for Greeny Games has been down for weeks now, and the Samphi website is feeling derelict. I don’t post articles there yet so I want to spend some time there.

    The wiki system is going to be a big part of that also and I’d like to get it in a functioning early version very soon.

    Now that this is complete we can get back to adding content! I have chests and new crops on the list immediately, so let’s start there. I also have a cool idea for the main menu that I’d like to explore and want to continue moving the older graphics over to the new. This graphical changeover will take a while, so you’ll notice more and more changing as the updates roll through.

    Have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy 0.2! Great things are coming!

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